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Work @ Mobile Solutions - MVI SOLVE IT GmbH

Chemie im Alltag

Hybrid-App (iOS & Android) & Backend with Play Framework
A project for the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt – UBA) More info to follow...

Works @

Egg Timer - Based on Dr. Charles Williams formula

Android-App - written with Kotlin.
Boiling eggs - that's how the perfect breakfast egg is made!
Charles Williams' weight formula is used to calculate the cooking time.

Egg Timer - Google Play Store

Gym 3.0 - Beacon technology in the gym (Gym 3.0 - Beacon-Technologie im Fitnessstudio)

Android-App & Content-Management System (JavaEE, JSF, EJB, JPA).
This project is my master thesis, which is showing what possibilities beacons give for gym-owners and -members also how fitness-studios can benefit from this technology. An Android app and a content management system are being developed.

Concept Gym 3.0 - Lanista

Anki Overdrive Collision Prevention

Java Bluetooth Application (Java, TinyB, Anki Overdrive SDK)
This project shows how collision detection works by means of software. The vehicles scan the position on the line with an infrared camera and send this data to the server. The server thus knows the positions of all the vehicles, and an algorithm for collision detection is performed if necessary.

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